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This is a wiki for Argument and Exposition, an English course offered at Bemidji State University. For more information, please see the course description on our class Syllabus.

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Instructor: Anna Hamann
Email: ude.etatsijdimeb|nnamaha#ude.etatsijdimeb|nnamaha
Office: HS 349
Office Phone: (218) 755-2486
Office Hours: noon until 2:00 pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays, or by appointment. ude.etatsijdimeb|nnamaha#tnemtnioppa na pu tes ot em liamE
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March 31: Logical Fallacy Day

What is important to remember about logical fallacies is that these are weak spots in argument. Arguments that are built on logical fallacies are easily unraveled, and should be viewed with a skeptical eye. In other words, if that is all they've got, don't buy it.

For class today:

  • Watch video

  • Then, with a partner find examples of at least two different types of logical fallacies online. Start a new page called Logical Fallacies followed by your names or initials. On this page, link to the logical fallacy you found, name what type of fallacy it is, and then detail why it is that type of fallacy (in other words, what is wrong with the argument).
  • This will be part of your process work grade, have it complete by noon on Thursday.

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Jacob Belina | Luke Benge | Noelle Berkelman | Livia DeSylvester | Bethany Erickson | Ryan Finkenbinder | Logan Hamnes | Dylan Hillger | Alyssa Huseby | Tyler Johnson | Taylor Kramer | Erik Larson | Megan Lewandowski | Jennifer Lindner | Katie McIntosh | Lauren Miller | Reba Peterson | Anna Sivanich | Claire Sletten | Jolene Strong | Paris Thomas | Alexandra Tindell | Ariel Tix | Nicole White | Kelly Wong | Hamann


Information that was posted during each week can be found via the following links:

And a record of past assignments:


  • Chapter 7 of So What?
  • Logical Fallacies

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