1 31 2014

Which argument(s) did you find most compelling? Why? What preconceptions (baggage) did you bring with you to this debate that might be influencing your position?

After reading the three arguments i found that both sides had good point to throw out there. Looking at the side that against the pink slime they said that the company should have labeled or even told them what they were doing to their beef before they started eating it. I beleive that is key when introducing a product because the costumer is informed on what they are eating and can make the decision weather or not to eat it. The thing is just before this story about pink slime their was a story about how people were getting sick over celminila and now that the beef plants to help by adding a solution to their meat that eliminates it people are complaining. I beleive the companies are doing good by adding this solution because it does not change the taste of the meat and it is a lot safer to eat. One thing that the companies should do is label their new product so that people can make the decision if they want the classic beef product or not.

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