Adam Lorentz

Hello World

My name is Adam Lorentz and I am from Madison Lake, MN. I attended high school in Mankato, MN.
I have 3 dogs back home, their names are Sunny, Shadow, and Ace.
I also have a goldfish that I named Mayhem…..I've had the fish since 5th grade.
I have played sports all my life and I enjoy the outdoors. I love to hunt and fish both by myself but
preferably with others so don't be afraid to ask me to go fishing.
I graduated high school in 2012 and finally made a my decision to attend college at Bemidji State University.
I am currently in my sophomore year at BSU where I am studying Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Environmental Management and also a minor in geology.
I was voted at the end of my freshman year at BSU to be one of two captains of the Bemidji State University Ultimate Frisbee Club.
I always look forward to meeting new people and I'm excited for this spring semester.


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