Annotated Bib Peer Review By Carly Dietrich

1. Does the citation look correct? I am worried I did it wrong…
2. Does my summary seem long enough? Or could I put more information into it?

Ellsbury, Hannah. "Plastic Water Bottles Impose Health and Environmental Risks." Ban the Bottle RSS. N.p., 23 Aug. 2012. Web. 09 Feb. 2014.

This article is explaining the negative effects of using plastic water bottles. It explains multiple reasons why plastic water bottles are so harmful to our planet. A few examples are energy consumption, the increase of our landfills, and the harmful chemicals put into our earth, and our bodies. This article not only looks at the negative affects plastic bottles have on us, but also explains, if recycled correctly, the plastic from the bottles can be made into other products.

I found that this source useful. The article was published on August 23, 2012, which is current. The author includes 2 links, such as National Geographic and Recycle Both sources are very reliable, and the links bring you right to her source of the information. This article is relevant to my topic because it is explaining many of the negative effects plastic water bottles can have only being used once. This article was very easy to follow, it is written well, but easy to understand. This article was posted on a organization called "Ban the Bottle" that promotes the environment by advocating ban on one-time plastic bottles. Ellsbury has many articles posted on this site. I was unable to find actual information about her, but none the less her writing seems to be a very reliable source. Ellsbury's purpose is to educate the public about the multiple harmful impacts the use and production of plastic water bottles has on our world. Her conclusion consists of tips for the public on recycling and using alternative bottles for drinking water.

This source was very helpful for my arguments sake. This was the first article I found that gave me enough information to expand on afterwards. This source only reassured my negative thoughts on plastic water bottles, it gave me more facts so that I was able to support my prior thoughts. Since it is not the longest article I am referring to, it will not be the bulk of my article, but it will include good supporting evidence to strengthen my argument.

Peer Review Questions…

Are the summaries detailed enough that you understand what the source is all about? Are there details that the writer included that are unnecessary to the summary? What questions are you left with after reading the summaries?
Did the reviewer evaluate the sources using the CRAAP test? Do you see criteria based judgements about each letter (currency, relevance,authority, accuracy, purpose)? What is missing?
Are the reflection sections complete enough that you understand how the writer responded to the sources? Could they include more information?
Based on these two entries, in what direction do you think the writer's research is going?
What questions are you left with after reading these entries?
What are these annotations' weaknesses?
What are these annotations' strengths?

Kayla DeJong:
I think your citations look correct, that's how mine look too! And I think your summary is exactly what it should be, I think its just to be short and strictly what kind of info the article holds and what it is all about.
1. It's clear you used the CRAPP test which is good, you incorporated the published date, author, credible links and so on to prove it.
2. Reflection section was pretty good too, I understood how you responded to the article and that it was helpful to you.
3. If not mistaken think the direction your headed in is to prove that bottled water is very harmful to the environment.
4. I thought this was very good, left me with no questions and provided me with clear information on what the article was about.
5. Only thing to maybe add is a little more detail in the summary, otherwise its good!

Autumn Flicek:
Your citation looks good, that's how I did mine as well! Your summary looks good. I think you have plenty information there, enough so when you go back to write your paper you'll remember which article was about what and that's what this is for!
1. It definitely is noticeable that you used the CRAAP test and reviewed to make sure your source was credible. You have all the credibility and facts to back up that you did your research.
2. Your reflection was good and you made sure you really thought through if this source would be helpful to your paper or not.
3. I think your research is going in a good direction. The CRAAP test is obviously very important if you want to get the true facts for your paper and you're did a really good job of going through everything in that so it looks to me like your paper is headed in the right direction!
4. Something to maybe strength your annotation a little is give a little more detail on your summary, otherwise everything is good!
5. Strengths would definitely be your assessment, like I've mentioned several times. You definitely took advantage of it and in the end it will be very helpful to you! Looks great!

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