Annotated Bib Peer Review Matraca Mckay

Number One:

Story, Mary, Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, and Simone French. "Individual and Environmental Influences on Adolescent Eating Behaviors." Individual and Environmental Influences on Adolescent Eating Behaviors 102.3 (2002): S40-51. Science Direct. Elsevier Inc, 2002. Web. 11 Feb. 2014. <>.

Summary: This article talks about adolescents are not getting enough nutrients into their bodies. They are eating less fruits and veggies and are eating more of high fating foods. There has also been a rise in young females who are skipping meals due to the fact of today's perception of being "skinny" or these teens simply do not eat enough.The article also talks about the four factors that influence kids to eat to much or not eating enough. The factors include individual or intrapersonal influences (eg, psychosocial, biological); social environmental or interpersonal (eg, family and peers); physical environmental or community settings (eg, schools, fast food outlets, convenience stores); and macrosystem or societal (eg, mass media, marketing and advertising, social and cultural norms).

Assess: I would say that this source is very reliable and very useful. It may be close to being outdated seeing as it was published in 2002 almost 12 years ago but a lot of the information is still relevant. The article is not bias towards one way or the other. The purpose of this source is to inform the audience on adolescent eating behaviors. The rhetorical situation is that there is a problem with the way kids eat. According to the CRAAP's test it is a reliable source as well. The authors are clearly stated at the top of the article, they state their references which have functioning links on them, they have the publisher and the year it was published, and it checks off almost everything else on the CRAAP's test.

Reflect: I feel that it relates some-what to my topic of research; not the entire article but bits and pieces of it does help. The article fits with my argument with being that there is in fact a problem with children's eating habits. I can use this source with my research project because it talks about the four factors that influence a child's behavior. It has changed how I think about my research project but I am not exactly sure how.

Number Two:

Robinson, Thomas N. "Effects of Fast Food Branding on Young Children's Taste Preferences FREE." Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med 161.8 (2007): 792-97. JAMA Network. American Medical Association, 3 Mar. 2007. Web. 11 Feb. 2014. <>.

Summary: Food marketing is to often directed towards children. This article was about a study done on children with the results being that children liked the foods more if they were told that it was from McDonalds. Children as young as preschoolers were being affected by television advertisements. As expected the children after the experiment liked the food that was in the packaging of McDonalds better even though it was the same kind of food.

Assess: This source is useful but it only pertains to the one experiment. It is quite different from the first source that I viewed; this source only talked about the experiment that was being held and the results. It gives important information about how advertisement is being addressed towards young children but that is about it. I feel that the information is reliable but I would probably only be able to use a few aspects from this article in my research project. The information in the article is pretty update and relevant.

Reflect: It fits into my research because I am researching the topic of obese children and fast food marketing is a major contributor. It was only helpful to some extent because it only focuses on one experiment and one fast food marketing place. I can use this source in my research paper for a few of the key points it makes about the fast food marketing industry.

Is there anything you think I should add?
Alex Gerondale:Lots More DETAIL! You have only a general analysis of the writing, try and get more in depth with things like (what experiments did they exactly run ect.)
Sean Streier** Possibly just add a little more to the summary of the second annotation, I just feel it could have a little more clarity about the article.
Emilie Brouse I think it looks good!
Are the summaries detailed enough that you understand what the source is all about?
Alex Gerondale: I definitely got what the source was about
Sean Streier The first was excellent just add a few more details in the second.
Emilie Brouse Yes
Are there details that the writer included that are unnecessary to the summary?
Alex Gerondale: Yes you need more detail, like what type of media do they use to make teens want to be skinny, give examples
Sean Streier I do not feel anything written in the summaries are unnecessary, it all contributes well.
Emilie Brouse No
What questions are you left with after reading the summaries?
Alex Gerondale: plenty but a main one was how in the second summary do they plan to fix the commercial McDonalds from making kids overeat their fast food
Sean Streier I can not really think of any questions i would have at this point.
Emilie Brouse No questions
Did the reviewer evaluate the sources using the CRAAP test?
Alex Gerondale: Yes she said she used the CRAAP's test but she needed to give examples on how the article fits with CRAPP's test, not just saying she used it.
Emilie Brouse I believe it was used
Sean Streier Yes, she used the test and personally to a good enough standard.

Do you see criteria based judgements about each letter (currency, relevance,authority, accuracy, purpose)?
Alex Gerondale: Not enough, you need more
Sean Streier Yes they were there and personally in a good amount.
Emilie Brouse Yes
What is missing?
Alex Gerondale: All that was said above
Sean Streier Just a little more clarity on summary 2.
Emilie Brouse I think some clarification with summary two would benefit your argument.
Are the reflection sections complete enough that you understand how the writer responded to the sources?
Alex Gerondale: Yes she did good on explaining how the source reflected against her future papers.
Sean Streier How are you going to use these sources in your paper?
** milie Brouse** Yes!
Could they include more information?
Alex Gerondale: YES MORE INFO
Sean Streier Stated above^^ in last question.
Emilie Brouse A bit more information would help.
Based on these two entries, in what direction do you think the writer's research is going?
Alex Gerondale: How eating habits effect youth.
Sean Streier The affects of child eating habits and obesity.
** Emilie Brouse* Agreed with these two ^
What questions are you left with after reading these entries?
Alex Gerondale:** How good the sources actually were (one was super old)
Sean Streier Is the older source still current enough or have things changed?
Emilie Brouse Perhaps more inquiry into the sources
What are these annotations' weaknesses?
Alex Gerondale: Not enough detail to support statements in both summaries and access
Sean Streier Just would like to know how exactly you are going to use this info.
Emilie Brouse Could use a little more detail
What are these annotations' strengths?
Alex Gerondale: Great job at pulling me into the story during summaries, wanted to know more
Sean Streier Good job on overall quality of writing i liked it!
Emilie Brouse I thought it was, overall, well done!

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