Annotated Bib. Peer Review - Sarah Hoit

The first summary was good just add some more filler, talk about what is actually in it. I dont know how long it is but just add a little more detail to it. For the second parts for the first source look good but dont forget to make them into 3 paragraphs instead of 2 for both sources. For the second one it was good at telling what was the base in it but also add a little filler so then you can tell a little bit of what is said in depth throughout the whole entire article. Good job now do that on all 7! Jacob Marcus

"Organic Food Industry Profile: United States." Organic Food Industry Profile: United States (2012): 1-32. Business Source Premier. Web. 12 Feb. 2014.

In this article it provides many statistics about the growth and demand of organic foods. The information given in this source explains in data of the demand/growth organic products have achieved within the last ten years. This source also provides reasons why organic food has become more competitive, and gives statistics of major companies contributing to the Organic production.

I feel that this source will be very useful to me when I begin writing my paper. I found this source through the library search engine. This article will persuade my reader using the logos persuasion technique by showing the logical reason behind the growth in organic food. Although the article has many useful facts and information in it, understanding and decided what is useful or not was a little difficult. I kept going a little off topic, and sometimes didn't know if the info. was related enough to my argument.

Nowacek, David, Nowacek Rebecca. "The Organic Foods System: Its Discursive Achievements and Prospects" College English , Vol. 70, No. 4, Special Focus: Food (Mar., 2008) , pp. 403-420. National Council of Teachers of English

This article explains in detail about the history and thought process of buying organic foods. The authors talked about how organic food has become in high demand, and where it started compared to where it is now. It constantly refers back to the history of organics, which will help me explain how important organic food has become to our market.

This source gives me a great amount of history of organic food, and will help me provide a non-biased opinion of how/why organic foods have changed. The article was very long, so I did not read through it all, but highlighted the important information that is related to my topic. I do not feel that the article was bias at any means, and delivered the information adequately.

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