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Berrquist, Lee, and Paul A. Smith. "Wolves Put Back on Endangered List." Wolves Put Back on Endangered List. Journal Sentinel, 27 Dec. 2014. Web. 23 Feb. 2015.

Summarize: As of December 27, 2014, the gray wolf is back on the endangered species list in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota. It them goes over the controversy of how people want to be able to hunt the gray wolf and don't feel it needs to be on the list. It also says that the gray wolf is a vital source of keeping other animal populations down and at a normal level. Most of the people that want the wolf to be hunted really just want he fur from the animal. They state though that the animal can not be hunter trapped or "harvested" for their fur.

Assess: This source is nice because it is an example of how the wolf is actually threatened and needs to be put back on the Endangered Species List. It is different in the sense that its not just facts it's telling us about the wolf and how it is in danger. The information is very reliable because they wouldn't lie about the gray wolf being back on the list. It could be biased in a way because not everyone wants the wolf back on the list. The goal is to let people know that the wolf is on danger again. The source checks out with the CRAAP test and all the information was easy to find.

Reflect: The source was really helpful. If i had not read it I would not have known that the wolf was back on the list. It helps me shape my argument in a good way because it will tie everything together in the final project. This source will be very nice in the research project because it is unlike my other sources. I doesn't change the way i think about my topic it only furthers my understanding of the topic.

"Correlates of Mortality in an Exploited Wolf Population." BioOne Online Journals - Journal of Wildlife Management. David K. Person & Amy L. Russell, 2008. Web. 18 Feb. 2015.

Summarize: This journal was about the population of wolves in southwest Alaska. The article is specifically talking about the Prince of Wales Island and other smaller neighboring islands. Throughout the journal it talks about what may be harming the population of the wolves in the area. They say the mortality of the wolves may be from the roads near by or humans hunting. They did a study with radio collaring the wolves to see what was causing the deaths. They talked about the methods of capturing, handling and monitoring the wolves.

Assess: The source is useful to my topic more nation wide not just Minnesota. It gives more background to the issue and you find more about other places not just your local area. It is different in the sense that it's not in Minnesota but it is still in the United States. All the information still applies but it gives me a better understanding of other places and the issues they face. The journal is objective, they are stating the facts of things that were done and the problems they were face with. The goal for this source is to let people know that wolves are in harm but they aren't really sure what is harming them. All of the questions from the CRAAP test were there for me to find. I didn't have to do much digging to find information.

Reflect: This source was helpful to me and my research. I believe that it gave me a better understanding of what can be done to figure out what is happening to wolves. It also helped that it took place in Alaska because my topic is strictly Minnesota wolves but this gave me a better perspective.

Mech, L. David. "Wolf Population in the Central Superior National Forest 1967-1985." Wolf Population (1986): 1-6. United States Department of Agriculture, 06 Feb. 1986. Web. 24 Feb. 2015.

Summarize: This article is nice beaches it gives use the history we need. It is an older article so it tells us what the population was like so long ago. They talk about a new area that needs to be researched for wolves. This area is much bigger than the other one. This article like others ones i have is a study that was done to find out with wolf population in certain areas. There is a result and a method that will be taken after all the information is gathered.

Assess: The information is going to be very useful because it gives me the history I need. It is similar to one or two other articles that I have already assessed but they will match nice together. The information is very reliable because it is a study that was done so the given information was all tested. The source is objective because it gives nice information and there isn't any sign of biased. The goal is to see the population of wolves in the central superior national forest. The CRAPP test checks out on every level. I didn't have any trouble finding the information needed.

Reflect: The article will fit nice into my research. The source will be helpful in adding to my final project. It shapes my argument in a good way by giving me a real life experiment. I use the information given for my project. This one may have confused me a little more but not changed the way I think about my topic.

Myers, John. "Minnesota's Wolf Population down from 2008." ProQuest. McClatchy - Tribune Business News, 09 July 2013. Web. 18 Feb. 2015.

Summarize: This article lays out how many wolves were actually counted for in the winter of 2007-2008 and compared it to other counts that were taken. It shows that the wolf count went up but then went right back down again. They say that when wolves were first discovered they let them be and eventually they populated and are what they are today. In the article is stays that a lot of wolves are moving to Wisconsin or Michigan and they don't know what that is.

Assess: This article may not be as useful as the other two because it really doesn't give me that much information that I didn't already know. This article is less detailed than the other two that I have already assessed and that is how they are different. I would say this information is reliable because it seems to be good information that i have heard from another source already. The source is objective because it is laying out information and facts for you that you know are true about the gray wolf. When I was putting the bibliography tog enter it was really easy for me to find the information needed for it.

Reflect: This information will be a nice touch in my research to be able to say how many wolves there were at a certain time. I would say this source was helpful to me to give me more information on the gray wolf. I don't think ti changes how i think about my topic because I knew this information already.

Ruid, David B., William J. Paul, Brian J. Roell, Adrian P. Wydeven, Robert G. Willging, Randy L. Jurewicz, and Donald H. Lonsway. "Wolf-Human Conflicts and Management in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan." (2006): 279-95. Print.

Summarize: This source is about how wolves have sometimes been threatening to man and other animals in the past. It also talks about how wolves have killed domestic animals as well. It then goes on like some of the other articles and talking about how the gray wolf was once on the Endangered Species List but was taken off and back on again. The main article is about how the wolf has threatened people of their live stock. It shows that they can truly be a danger some of the time. A lot of the time you don't hear these stories because they may just be little and not matter.

Assess: It is very useful it gives me information that I don't already have. It is unlike the rest of my sources and gives me different information that will fit in nicely. The information is easily reliable I don't see what would make it unreliable. The source is both a little objective and biased because on one hand the information is useful and true but it could a lot be exaggerated. It may also be biased because not everyone thinks wolves are dangerous and could hurt a human. The goal of the article is to let people know that wolves can be dangerous and to be careful. I used the CRAPP test and i found all the information needed minus a few of them.

Reflect: The source is very helpful to me because it is unlike any of the theory sources that i have already. It is new information that I don't have already. I shapes my argument in a good way because it tells me some possibly negative thing about wolves. It will be nice in my project because it is new and unlike the other information. It has changed my thinking a little bit because i didn't know a wolf could actually hurt a human or has hurt a human for that matter.

"Wolf Management." : Minnesota DNR. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, 26 Dec. 2014. Web. 18 Feb. 2015.

Summarize: This article is from the DNR and it talks about how the wolf population in Minnesota was once threatened and was then brought back under the Endangered Species Act. The DNR wants to ensure the long-term survival of the wolves in Minnesota. As of December 19, 2014, the gray wolf has been put back on the Endangered Species List. They have been put under protection of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. It them goes on to give and overview of the population and where most of the wolves wonder. It gives you a list of FAQ such as can I kill a gray wolf to protect my live stock. They also give a list of the mortalities that happened last year and give you other resources for further explanation.

Assess: This article is very useful it gives me the information on wolves and the statistics behind it. This article is different then my other one is many ways such as it gives the facts about wolves and how many there are in the different ranges. It also is focused in the Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan area whereas one of my other ones took place in Alaska. The information is very reliable it comes from the DNR so it is all facts and it is the government. I would say the information is very objective because they are giving us information and it is the truth. The goal of the article is to get the word out that the gray wolf is in danger and needs to be regulated. All of the questions from the CRAAP test were there for me to find. I didn't have to do much digging to find information.

Reflect: I feel this source fits well into my research because it is unlike the other ones. This article gives me the facts of how the gray wolf is in the real world. It will be nice when I need to form my argument to have the facts to back me up. I knew a little about my topic to start with so this information is only adding to what I already knew. I doesn't change how iI feel about the topic.

"Wolves." Canis Lupus Their Control and Management. Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management, 2008. Web. 23 Feb. 2015

Summarize: This article is talking about the general information about gray wolves. It goes in depth talking about the wolves habitat, range, food habits, general biology, reproduction, and legal status. This article was nice on giving me a lot of the little information I need to know that will make my end result so much stronger.

Assess: This source is very useful towards my research. I believe this sources is similar to one of my others ones but i think they come together nicely with information that the other one may not have. The information given seems to be very reliable. It is objective because it tells us facts on the subject. The goal of this source is to tell facts about the gray wolf and how it lives in the wild. The CRAAP test seems to check out on all of the points. There were some times that I have to do some digging but I found the information needed.

Reflect: The source fits in very nice with my research and with go great in my paper at the end. It was really helpful towards my general knowing of the topic and will be helpful in my paper. It will shape my argument nicely with all the facts that it gives me on the gray wolf. It hasn't changes how I think about my topic it has only furthered my knowledge of the topic.

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