Annotated Bibliography Peer Review


+++ Are the summaries detailed enough that you understand what the source is all about?  Are there details that the writer included that are unnecessary to the summary? What questions are you left with after reading the summaries?
+++ Did the reviewer evaluate the sources using the [* CRAAP test]?  Do you see criteria based judgements about each letter (currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, purpose)? What is missing?
+++ Are the reflection sections complete enough that you understand how the writer responded to the sources?  Could they include more information?
+++ Based on these three entries, in what direction do you think the writer's research is going?
+++ What questions are you left with after reading these entries?
+++ What are these annotations weaknesses?
+++ What are these annotations strengths?
  • Save your page.
  • Then, in the assigned groups of three found below, evaluate two other writers' projects. Go into edit mode on the writer's peer review page and type your responses right in their page, followed by your first name. The next reviewer can follow and type in their responses right after yours. You get credit for both having them done on time and reviewing the work of others. Help each other out.

Have this finished by Friday, February 20, at noon. If someone in your group does not have their annotations ready, read and review the work of someone in the next group. Some of you may end up with more than two reviews.


Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6 Group 7 Group 8
Jacob Belina Livia DeSylvester Logan Hamnes Tyler Johnson Megan Lewandowski Reba Peterson Jolene Strong Ariel Tix
Luke Benge Beth Erickson Dylan Hillger Taylor Kramer Katie McIntosh Anna Sivanich Paris Thomas Nicole White
Noelle Berkelman Ryan Finkenbinder Alyssa Huseby Erik Larson Lauren Miller Claire Sletten Alex Tindell Kelly Wong
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