Annotated Bibliography Peer Review Katie


  1. Did I answer all the questions for the CRAAP test?

I believe you did. I think you just need the main questions that it asks or the important ones. ML

I think that you did a great job at covering all of the main questions. Some questions can be difficult to answer. LM

  1. Is my information informative?

All your sources seem to be very informative. They will work good in your project. ML

All sources will work good with your topic. You are covering some good information LM

Are the summaries detailed enough that you understand what the source is all about? Are there details that the writer included that are unnecessary to the summary? What questions are you left with after reading the summaries?

The summaries are very detailed and I can understand what it is about. I Think all the information that you had was necessary in informing us about what each article was about. ML

Your summaries were very detailed. I knew what the article, or source was about. You only added the information that was necessary. LM

Did the reviewer evaluate the sources using the CRAAP test? Do you see criteria based judgements about each letter (currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, purpose)? What is missing?

Yes she did. I believe she hit all of them. ML

I am pretty sure she hit all of the requirements LM

Are the reflection sections complete enough that you understand how the writer responded to the sources? Could they include more information?

I think enough information was there that i understood what they were about but you didn't overload the info. ML

You gave a very good amount of information. There wasn't an information overload. LM

Based on these three entries, in what direction do you think the writer's research is going?

I believe that you have a good base of information and it will only make your research easier. ML

I believe the research is going in the direction of pushing a four day week for students and the reasons why schools do not follow this. LM

What questions are you left with after reading these entries?

There are none that I have right now. ML

Do not have any right now LM

What are these annotations weaknesses?

I mean the summaries were maybe the weakest but that is just trying to find something to comment on. ML

Over all I thought that everything was strong. LM

What are these annotations strengths?

The strengths are definitely the assess portion. ML

You're strengths, I think, are the sources that you chose. LM

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