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Questions for Reviewers

  • Did I cite my sources correctly? I was confused while doing that…

Your citations look correct, but if you are still unsure I like to use the Purdue Owl, they have citing tips, also depending on what online data bases you got your sources from, many have the option to look at their citation. AT

I do believe your citations are correct as AT said above Purdue Owl is your best bet at guidance. -Kelly Wong

If you use certain sites they will tell you how to cite something, otherwise Purdue Owl is an amazing resource Alex T (one of my group members didn't do their bib so the professor told me to do one from this group)

  • Are my summary paragraphs making sense?

They make sense, but I would add to the second one it seems a little short. AT

Add to the second paragraph a bit, the sentences are a bit abrupt. *Alex T

Your paragraphs have a nice flow but I think the second one can be elongated and provided more information. -Kelly Wong

Are the summaries detailed enough that you understand what the source is all about? Are there details that the writer included that are unnecessary to the summary? What questions are you left with after reading the summaries?

The first one is clear, I can understand the summary is about the history of how composting came about. AT
The second source's summary paragraph again seems a little short, but it has potentially useful information. AT
The third source has a great summary, and lots of information AT

I can understand them, I have little previous knowledge on the subject. I am left with no questions. *Alex T

I love how concise and precise you are with the first and third paragraph, it was easy to understand. As stated the second paragraph can have more to it. - Kelly Wong

Did the reviewer evaluate the sources using the CRAAP test? Do you see criteria based judgments about each letter (currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, purpose)? What is missing?

In your first source I think it would be helpful to look at the author's authority and credibility otherwise seems like a good source for your paper. AT
I'm a little concerned with the date on this source, again the source probably had useful information, but with it being so dated there might be new thoughts on composting and its effects since its popularity. Because it is dated I would really look into the author and do some research on their credibility and expertise on the subject. If the source comes from a journal it is probably reviewed by that journal.
The third source I think will be interesting as it is more current and talks about how waste is disposed of today, and how it can be harmful. I would look into the author's credibility though, what authority does she have? AT

You seem to cover the CRAAP test rather well, the dates seem rather out there, but with the question they don't need to be that recent. *Alex T

Based on the source dates it's a bit outdated and I'm afraid that it may not apply to the subject at hand in present day. (Meaning is it valid enough for be applied to matters of 2015 regarding the same concern.) Other than that I think you have a good grasp on your topic and knowing what to find.-Kelly Wong

Are the reflection sections complete enough that you understand how the writer responded to the sources? Could they include more information?

Your first source reflection paragraph seems a little short, but that could be you already understood the material and didn't need to reflect on it as much as someone who doesn't. AT
The last reflection paragraph is too short, you found a lot on the summary, you could talk about all the things that will be helpful in your paper. AT

You did rather well on your reflection paragraphs, they show what you will use them for. *Alex T

Your reflections are a bit short, knowing where you stand in the argument maybe try bringing your insights/ideas out. Do you agree/disagree with what is being said, is it valid enough, and how the material affected you. - Kelly Wong

Based on these three entries, in what direction do you think the writer's research is going?

Right now I'm a little unclear, but it seems like you could be using the history of how composting has impacted the environment. AT

Based on your entries I feel you are trying to talk about composting and trying to teach the benefits of it *Alex T

I think it's a bit broad and can be brought down to specifics. If you can find some background information about how composting impacts the environment it would definitely help reader without any knowledge of it. - Kelly Wong

What questions are you left with after reading these entries?

How do you know these sources are credible?
Did you look into the authors do they have authority on the subject what are their qualifications?AT

I am left with no real questions, except maybe how people see composting today, your latest article is from 2011, that is a span of four years, has anything changed? *Alex T

Was there no real updated information regarding your topic? (Anything that's possibly valid enough for present day and time) -Kelly Wong

What are these annotations weaknesses?

They are on the shorter side, and some missing pieces like how you know the source is credible and accurate. It might be helpful to add in the reflection how you will use the source, and what it adds to your paper and knowledge. AT

Maybe add more to the sentences, they seem rather abrupt, also talk about how they are still relevant. *Alex T

Elongating your paragraphs and speak more upon what you are concerned about. (Valid, credible sources) -Kelly Wong

What are these annotations strengths?

The summaries have been helpful, and you go through the CRAAP test pretty well. AT

You have done a very good job, Your sources seem rather interesting. *Alex T

Your summaries provide a clear understanding with where the concern stands. -Kelly Wong

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