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In today's society media plays a major role, it might be one of the only outlets used to stay on top of current events, to keep up with the happenings around us, and all over the world. media can be a great way to keep up with news, politics, policies, and numerous other events. But there is another side to media coverage, they use tactics that grab your attention and are able to sway the opinion of many who watch their coverage of such events. In particular media has a lot to do with public opinion on guilt, specifically in coverage of criminal cases. while the people have a "right to know" and the press has the right to "freedom of speech"

Problem: The Assumption of guilt based on media coverage of criminal cases.

Causes: media coverage, the public's interest in crimes, lack of regulation of how the crime is portrayed to the public.

What are the most direct causes of the problem about which you are writing?
One of the most direct causes is the media's coverage of cases, this may be for financial reasons, media is in the business to sell stories, and the public buys them, they are a secondary cause.
People are fascinated with crime, and anything abnormal, and they want to know every detail. No one is implying that there is anything wrong with wanting to know, but when the skewed information forms public opinion of guilt before a trial it interferes with the justice system. In the United states justice system the accused, or the defendant is supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. "Our criminal justice system presumes innocence, but human beings rarely do. Many reason that someone being investigated for or charged with a crime is probably guilty" (Joy) That is the problem, people are quick to presume guilt, it is especially easy to do so when you have little information and that little information comes from a source that is in the business to sell stories.

What societal attitudes, fears, or values may have initiated it or indirectly supported it?

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