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I found this part of my paper to be particularly interesting: I found the actual hard evidence that researched for was amazing, it opened my eyes to see that even though we can produce these products faster, bigger and with a supposedly higher yeild we are hurting ourselves and our environment.

This part was surprisingly difficult: The part that I found was difficult was seeing if the sources I was trying to use were actually reasonable and trustworthy along with credible.

Next time I would do this differently: Next time I would try and find a topic that I have nothing in common with because it is hard to remain biased when you are first reading the information. I want to be able to make my own dicisions on things like that on the spot rather than having a predetermined idea and thought.

GMO's are harmful for human and animals to eat, they are also harming our agricultural land.

The topic “GMO’s,” well what are these GMO’s? GMO stands for genetically modified organisms, these organisms can be plants or animals that are normally produced for consumption. These organisms are created from mixing DNA from bacteria, viruses along with other plants and animals. These products have flooded the United States markets and we have been consuming them without knowing most times. This may be caused by lack of labeling and also from lack of knowledge about the products by the consumers. As someone who comes from a farming background I have always known about chemicals, either it be used to enhance the crops or the livestock in my area. I have participated in using these chemicals in both situations, I worked in pig barns since I was 16 and on my family friend’s farm before that, so I do have so first-hand experience on this topic.

Are genetically modified organisms harmful to the humans and animals that inhabit our earth? The fact may not be that they are directly hurting us, they do allow the farmers of the world to produce an abundance of crops and grains, it goes beyond that though. When these farmers are using these chemicals on the soil, they don't understand the strain and harm they are doing to the earth that we live on. These chemicals can destroy the wildlife that live in the areas of high chemical use, such as the Midwest and California. GMO's are playing a key role in the health of the world. The farmers and ranchers are beginning to use too much fertilizer, pesticides, and additives on and in today's crops and feeds to keep the foods at a healthy level.

The main argument that I have against GMO's is that they are destroying what precious arable land we have left in this country along with the main places in which our country's wildlife lives. The chemicals that the farmers often use don't get misused but when they do they have terrible effects on the land and water. Speaking from experience I have seen a spray plane by my house miss the field he was supposed to be spraying and hit a creek bed that runs directly into a main lake in our area. Everyone can tell when there is chemicals in a lake today from the green foam/algae that covers the surface during the summer months. This is also hurting the fishermen who are catching fish out of this chemically filled water and bringing them home to eat. There have been cases throughout the nation where toxins get into the fish and causes illness to someone who has eaten them.

The overuse of these chemicals also causes plants to become hardier, and the weeds that the chemicals are trying to kill get tougher to kill. In the short years that these chemicals have been used we have already had to re-engineer new chemicals to kill the same weeds that we were previously able to kill with the chemicals we already had in production.

These are just the first hand findings of mine, after doing research there is a lot of resistance to using GMO’s in the European countries and in other countries that are not connected to the continuous 48 states. Shilo Urban wrote "8 reasons why GMO’s are Bad for You" which talks about the health and safety risks of these GMOs. His 8 reasons are some of the most popular ideas that are being brought up in today’s world in regards to this topic. The most interesting and powerful argument I believe is when he states, “Once the mutant genes are out of the bag, there is no going back.” He is exactly right when he says that in the sense that once these new genes are out in the wild they will continue to give off the same genes to their offspring until the mutant genes completely kill out the organic genes of the plants. Once again though, he is not the only person who believes that GMOs are going to be the disruption of the world’s natural course. Today’s studies show that 80% of wild canola plants that are tested contain at least one mutant gene. Once again he brings up the topic about how with the new genetically modified crops there is a greater need for herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides.

The European Network of Scientist for Social and Environmental Responsibility shows their opposition in providing the argument that the foods we are using have never been tested to examine the potential effects on the human population that uses these products. There has been no study yet, and seeing as how these GMO’s are not labeled at all in the U.S. currently there is no proof if they are hurting our population. This is what the large corporations and GMO producing companies say when asked about their testing, ““trillions of GM meals” have been eaten in the US with no ill effects.”
Yet after all the hype and troubled background the U.S. government is still allowing these products to be produced and sold in our country. As for other countries, 166 national governments have agreed to seek to protect the current and natural plants instead of cross-breeding with the mutant genes that will eventually kill out the other natural genes.

These genes aren't just put into our plant crops but also our livestock like cattle, pigs and dairy cows. There was a study done by Australian scientists that showed if you feed GMO infused feed to pigs they had a higher chance of getting stomach inflammation compared to natural feed. The result in males was 32% with the animals that ate the GMO feed getting stomach inflammation while only 12% had stomach inflammation after eating the all-natural feed (cite this study). These numbers are scary because of what I have seen with my own eyes. There are many animals that are in extreme pain after eating these feeds. Many times the GMO feed is cheaper and that is the main reason why the farmers and ranchers purchase it, but the other reason is because they believe that the feed will make their animals grow huge to give them the most money for each animal when it is full size.

These issues are all very important to saving the world and people in this world. With these GMO's in our food production lines I feel it will only hurt us in the long run. __As I said before this strikes close to home with me, I grew up on a farm and working on another. Now that I know many of the harmful things that these GMO's and their production ways can harm our future world, I feel obligated to share my beliefs and state why these are bad not just for me but for us all.

Arguing cause peer review Jake Marcus


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