Arguing Cause Peer Review

Don't write here. Start your own page.


  • Start a new page at the end of your Arguing Cause draft entitled Arguing Cause Peer Review followed by your name. You might also want to link to this on your Name Page.
  • At the top of your Arguing Cause Peer Review page, write 1 or 2 questions you have for your reviewers. Leave space for them to answer.
  • Then, copy and paste the following questions:
 * Does the argument answer the basic question: Why did this happen? What questions are you left with after reading the argument?
 * Does the writer establish that the problem exists and that we should care about it?
 * Does the writer genuinely address opposition? What additional opposing viewpoints could the writer address? Can you imagine other objections to the argument?
 * What is the argument's greatest weakness? What would you recommend they revise before the next draft is due?
 * What is the argument's greatest strength?
  • Save your page.
  • Then, evaluate two other writers' projects.
  • Look at the list below. Review the next two people on the list that have a draft up and a Peer Review page set up. For example, Jake would review Luke and Noelle, unless Noelle wasn't ready, in which case he would review Livia. Kelly would review Jake and Luke. And so on.
  • Go into edit mode on the writer's peer review page and type your responses right in their page, followed by your first name. The next reviewer can follow and type in their responses right after yours. You get credit for both having them done on time and reviewing the work of others. Help each other out.

Have this finished by Saturday, March 21, at noon.

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