Arguing Cause Peer Review BW

Is my topic interesting?

Does the argument answer the basic question: Why did this happen? What questions are you left with after reading the argument?
Does the writer establish that the problem exists and that we should care about it? What is missing?
What seem to be the main points of the argument?
Does the writer genuinely address opposition? What additional opposing viewpoints could the writer address? Can you imagine other objections to the argument?
What were your reactions to the text as you were reading it?
What is the argument's greatest weakness?
What is the argument's greatest strength?

Peer Reviewed by Jessica Dulz

I think that this is a good paper and correctly answers addresses the issue being discussed and why that issue is happening. There is enough information to make anyone reconsider the consumption of meat products, however maybe you could add something that will more directly relate to your audience (the class) so they can form more of a connection to the issue. The main point of the argument seems to be in negative effects that meat consumption has on the environment and the world. That i saw there was only a small amount on addressing oppositions. You could go more into why people who disagree are incorrect. After reading this i learned a lot about some negative effects that i never knew were a product of consuming meat, and may make me think twice the next time I eat meat. I think you best attribute to this paper is all of the facts and numbers that you have supporting you stance. The only weakness of the paper that i found was that some sentences seemed a bit repetitive. Other than that great paper!

Peer Reviewed by Belinda Corniea

I think that your paper is interesting and you addressed a problem about eating red meat and why it was happening. I was able to follow where you wanted to take your paper and you have a clear argument. Think Jessica said you do have a lot of good information about how consuming red meat can be harmful to humans but most of all harmful to the environment. I do also think that you should add something that relates more to your audience to get them even more interested in your paper and possible even to side with you. One of the main points in your paper is that red meat is harmful for the environment. You have good supporting evidence to back up your main point. I think the strength of your paper would be the supporting evidence and the numbers and stats. I agree with Jessica, I do think that your paper has quite a few repeated sentences.

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