Arguing Cause Peer Review Katie

Peer Review

  • Does my paper sound too boring?

I think you're paper is interesting because I learned something new.-TK
I don't think it was boring at all. You had a lot of information to back everything up. I also learned something new. ML

  • Does my paper have good flow?

It seems to flow very nicely.-TK
Yes it does. I think you separated all of the paragraphs really nicely. ML

  • Does the argument answer the basic question: Why did this happen? What questions are you left with after reading the argument?

I believe you answered all the basic questions. Right now I am not left with any questions. ML

  • Does the writer establish that the problem exists and that we should care about it?

Yes very much so. She established the problem and had evidence to back it up. ML
Yes because you talk about how students might be lacking the opportunities to prepare for a good job.-TK

  • Does the writer genuinely address opposition? What additional opposing viewpoints could the writer address? Can you imagine other objections to the argument?

I believe that you covered all of them. And you sounded very genuine. ML

  • What is the argument's greatest weakness? What would you recommend they revise before the next draft is due?

Your paper sounds good, I don't have any recommendations.-TK
Maybe grab my attention more in the first paragraph. That might help with people wanting to read it. ML

  • What is the argument's greatest strength?

You had strong arguments and did a nice job talking about the opposing viewpoints. -TK
I think you did a great job on the work cited page and incorporating all the quotes and doing it correctly! ML

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