Arguing Cause Peer Review Lb

I wasn't as thorough as wanted in my draft because I felt rushed because of baseball… Then again I am a student before i am a athlete. But if you want to give me another day before you peer review I will have more information and it will be a better and more sound draft.

A question i have for my peers; I found this kind of confusing for multiple reasons, and because of that I felt as if i was repetitive. DO you see that? how can i fix it?

* Does the argument answer the basic question: Why did this happen? What questions are you left with after reading the argument?
~Yes. The argument talks about why supplements have been taken away from NCAA athletes. Jake
-yes the argument talks about how the use of supplements has caused them to be a banned substance in NCAA athletics -LM

* Does the writer establish that the problem exists and that we should care about it?
~Not quite. The problem is introduced but it is not really apparent of why we should care about it. Jake
- We are told about the problem but not to the extent as to why we should care about it at a high level - LM

* Does the writer genuinely address opposition? What additional opposing viewpoints could the writer address? Can you imagine other objections to the argument?
~You address the reason why street drugs are banned, but you could maybe go more into people that are against these supplements. Jake
-I think you could focus more on the reason that supplements are banned-LM

* What is the argument's greatest weakness? What would you recommend they revise before the next draft is due?
~It needs to be longer. It is understandable why it is short, just make sure it gets more length added to it. I think more information would make this a more compelling argument. Jake
obviously it is your rough draft, but needs to be a little longer.

* What is the argument's greatest strength?
~This is a current argument that has the potential to have a very big economical impact if it were to be changed. I would emphasize the moderation and right kind parts of your arguments. That seems to be the strength of this argument. Jake
- I think this topic has a lot of room to go in many directions -LM

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