Arguing Cause Project JS

Overcrowding in animal shelters throughout the United States.
The animals didn't ask to be put into a shelter due to previous owners unable to care for them. All the animals are looking for a healthy, loving, and happy home. Adopting an shelter animal could be the best decision anyone could make. Any animal rather it be a dog, cat, horse, etc. is capable of building a relationship with a person. Studies show that having an animal in home can lower stress and depression levels.

  • Where might the reader be confused? What could be misleading or muddled?
  • How does the claim(s) in this paragraph relate to my main claim?
  • What support have I used to argue this claim? What links this support to my claim? (for these last two, you can underline the support and make bold the linkage if it is explicitly stated. If the linkage is unstated, write it out in this quote box.)

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