Assigned Work
Date posted Assignment Date due
January 13 Wiki Name Page January 15
January 15 read chapter 1 of So What? and take notes on the wiki January 20
January 20 Write a Scholarly Statement January 22
January 22 read chapter 1 of So What? and take notes. Then, identify kinds of support in "Is Google Making us Stupid" (p. 262-269) January 27
January 29 Rhetorical Analysis Project Plan working draft due Feb. 3, finished draft due Feb. 7 at midnight
February 3 Rhetorical Analysis Peer Review Workshop Feb. 5 at noon
February 10 Annotated Bibliography Project Plan 3 sources due for peer review Feb. 19 at noon, final draft due Feb. 24 at midnight
February 19 Annotated Bibliography Peer Review February 20 at noon
February 19 Project Proposal First part is due when you come in for your conference the week of Feb. 23-27, second part is due by class time March 3
March 3 read chapter 6 of So What? and take notes. Arguing Cause Project Plan draft for peer review due March 19 at noon, due for grade at 2:00 March 24
March 19 Arguing Cause Peer Review March 21
March 24 Arguing Cause Self-Analysis March 26
March 6 Read chapter 7 of So What? and take notes March 31
March 31 Logical Fallacies April 2 at noon
April 2 Read "Citizens and Consumers" and respond to questions. Read and take notes on chapter 8 of So What? Class time on April 7
April 7 Outline structure of "citizens and consumers." noon on April 9
April 7 Visual representation of solution proposal organization class time on April 14
April 14 Read and take notes on chapters 9 and 10 in your book April 21
April 16 Paraphrasing practice class time on April 21
April 7 Solution Proposal Draft due for peer review workshop by noon on April 23, final draft due by midnight on April 28
April 23 Solution Proposal Peer Review page up by noon April 23, comments and feedback due by noon on April 25

In Class Work

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