Backpacks Vs Briefcases Sean Streier

First Impressions

  • No matter what you say we subconsciously analyze people everyday.
  • We may notice things like what they wear, how they look, or the items they have.

Implications of Rhetorical Analysis

  • Media is one of the most important places where this kind of analysis

needs to happen.

  • Rhetoric—the way we use language and images to

persuade—is what makes media work.

  • Persuasion is rhetoric.
  • The audience is who the argument is being presented too.
  • Research has shown that only 2% of women think the are beautiful, due to the way the fashion industry defines beauty.
  • Constraints- the limitations on the argument
  • Aristotle's three types of artistic appeals: logos, pathos, and ethos.
  • Logos= Reason
  • Pathos= Emotion
  • Ethos= Credibility
  • Overall the understand of rhetorical analysis is important because it impacts how we view and influence media.
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