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My name is Belinda Corniea and I am a sophomore here at BSU. I am majoring in Nursing and minoring in Psychology. I decided to come to BSU because of the nursing program, I wanted to get away from my crazy family and because it’s very beautiful here (despite the cold!). I’m not sure what type of nurse I want to become but I’ve been thinking about working in a doctor’s office or in a nursing home. I love helping people and nursing sort of runs in my family; my grandma was a nurse, my great aunt is a nurse and my cousin is a nurse!

I was born in Bloomington MN and moved to Minnetonka MN when I was going into first grade. I have an older brother who is 23, an older sister who is 21 and a younger sister who is 18. I also have a dog that I love to death and two Betta fish. My family and I travel a lot. We love seeing new cultures and cities along with trying new things. I have had the privilege of going to 27 states (not including Minnesota) along with 11 countries.

I love spending time with my friends, watching movies/TV and reading books. Yes, my favorite animal is a Buffalo. I have three selves at home dedicated just to my buffalo collection. I listen to a variety of music but my favorite genre is metal. The music that I listen to depends on my mood. I’m weird, random, and shy. It takes me a while to warm up to people and let them know the real me. Once you get to know the real me, I will talk your ear off and giggle like there is no tomorrow.


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