Bitzer Carly

Exigence: Obviously this speech was written because of the untimely death of Martin Luther King Jr . Although, this was not the only reason this speech was given. Kennedy was also giving African Americans, and also whites, hope that equality would still be reached within our country. Even though MLK was not present any longer, what he fought for would still be honored and carried out; his work would not die with him. The strives that the country was making towards equality was still going to be fought for.

Audience: Kennedy was reaching out to all Americans within this speech. He was telling all that there was still hope for peace in this country and the thought of peace didn't die with MLK. In particular, I think that Kennedy was addressing the African American population of America. He was encouraging them to remove the hatred they were feeling with compassion and love rather than the lust for revenge.

Constraints A constraint that is present within the situation is the fact that the person who killed MLK was a white man. This being a fact would cause it to be very hard for most African American to get past all of their angry towards white for killing one of their heroes. This would make the exigence of this speech very hard to follow by most African Americans.

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