Bitzer Alex Gerondale

Rhetorical Situation: Martin Luther King Jr. murder announcement

Problem/exigence: The issue of the film was not just announcing the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. but how the people should responded to it. The person giving the speech (Robert Kennedy) said that the country could move in the direction of more polarization between blacks and whites or they could follow the example of Mr. King and try to understand one another with compassion and love. That a problem may arise where the blacks might want to get revenge on the killers and how that shouldn't be the way this should be handled. That another real problem is division in the country and that this death shouldn't be the seal to make that permanent.

Audience: The people listening to this speech were not just the supporters of Rev. King but also the entire nation as senator Kennedy gave the first public announcement of Mr. King's death during his campaign for the presidency. His speech that was considered one of the best of the century and was also heard by people in Indianapolis and because of that it was thought that his speech stopped the post riot in that city. He spoke to the people of the nation, king's family, and of course to the rest of the world. And because of his touchy speech Kennedy gained a edge in the campaign for presidency by bolding in that he wanted to be a leader to unite the country, not with just with blacks and whites but all groups. That spoke to the audience who sought change in discrimination and racism.

Constraints: The speech also had many constraints like not knowing who the killers were (at the time. Also Kennedy was just getting back from a speech at Notre Dame Collage so he was tight on info.) He also had to be very gentle and understanding otherwise he could start a nationwide riot, not to mention he would lose any chance of becoming president. He also had to speak ton both blacks and whites as to not make either group the villains and bring them together.

Ethos: JFK brother, senator, family man, speaker

Pathos: Martin Luther was loved/honored/ and a great man, was beacon of hope/ civil rights leader

Logos: bring the community together,

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