Bitzer Autumn Flicek

In Kennedy's speech the exigence is not only announcing Dr. Martin Luther King Juniors death but announcing what we could make of it. He was saying how blacks could look for revenge towards white people since whites were the ones responsible for his death, or we could make an effort to understand and go beyond these difficult times. I think the exigence was to make the audience think real hard about how they're going to react to this tragic event.

The audience needs to understand the issue at stake and think about if getting violent is really worth it. Do they want to ruin everything Dr. Martin Luther King worked for? Or do they want to continue to try and live in peace and move beyond these difficult times to further better our country. Dr. Martin Luther King wanted love and justice between us fellow human beings, so just because he passed doesn't mean we should let all hell break loose and ruin everything he worked for.

The constraints with this speech is the things I mentioned earlier, for example, how people have the choice to live using revenge or try to do well and keep justice even if it may be difficult. Some constraints that may pull away from the reason for Kennedy's speech would be people going after revenge instead of love and justice.

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