Bitzer Belinda Corniea

Problem/Exigence: The exigence of Kennedy's speech is to tell America that Martin Luther King Jr has been shot and killed. He also wanted to tell the world that Martin Luther King was a good man who dedicated his life to love and justice. Kennedy didn't the U.S to become divided because of Martin's death. He wanted peace in the U.S.

Audience: The intended audience would be everyone who was at his speech, heard his speech on the radio and seen his speech on TV. The unintended audience would be everyone who is watching the speech online right now, who weren't around when Kennedy made the speech.

Constraints: The constraint would be the hatred between the blacks and whites. Kennedy telling America that he wanted everyone to put a side their hatred and violence was hard because the U.S had been divided for a long time. Its hard to have peace when you are mourning over someone that you looked up to.


Ethos - JFK brother, senator, family man, well loved
Pathos - Martin Luther King was loved and a great man. He was a role model to many and a beacon of hope
Logos - he wanted the violence to end and have the blacks and whites come together

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