Bitzer Bob Kinne

Exigencies: He gave this speech because he was getting the word out that MLK was killed and he wanted this to end. He wanted for the the whites and blacks to get along and over come and to stop the valance.

Audience: Was all the people in America at the time the and people at the speech. The people on all different sides. Those who were invalided in the assassination of MLK. That spoke to the audience who sought change in racism and discrimination. this whole speech was to stop the riots from happening and to bring everyone together.

Constraints: This was to show that all man is equal and that we all should love are neighbors and to bring everyone together to help end the problem of the time. this was to stop the fighting among the people of the US

Ethos: he was a well know man in the public eye, senator, well liked by people.
Pathos: He can feel what they are feeling with his brother was killed by a white man, he wanted all of the people to move on with the peace.
Logos: He wants the White people and the black people to come together to end the valences in this time and to bring everyone together to stop the racism.

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