Bitzer Bw

In the video showing the announcement made by Robert Kennedy that Dr. Martin Luther King had passed away is a powerful piece of context. In Bitzer's reading, there is three components to context including exigence, audience, and constraints.
In the video exigence would be announcement made by Kennedy about King's death. But that isn't the only important part, Kennedy also talks about putting aside race and coming together as a whole and show compassion and love for the country.
The audience would be the group that is attending the speech but also including everyone in the United States. He wants this speech to impact every American not just the ones attending in person.
Lastly, the constraints would be the beliefs or attitudes people have. Kennedy wants to over come racism and there was probably people there disagreeing with him. He wanted to keep peace and come together as a whole and the blacks could start a riot because of the assassination.

Ethos: Is credible because he was a political figure.
Pathos: He created emotion by wanting the blacks and whites to come together
Logos: Was informing the country that MLK died and wanted Americans to work together as a whole.

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