Bitzer Courtney Haas

The exigence was not just about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s death. It was trying to get everyone together to get past the racial violence and hatred. Robert Kennedy wants to get peace in the United States and is hoping it could spread around the world eventually.

Robert Kennedy was addressing anybody who was at his speech, who heard it on the radio, and who saw it on the television. This includes those around the world who saw/heard the speech. The unintended audience would be the people watching it now online and who weren't around at the time it was made.

The constraints includes the amount of hatred between whites and blacks. Hatred between races has been going on for hundreds of years, so asking to break that hatred and put it into the past is very difficult. Also, a major leader for peace was just assassinated. People are grieving and are going to want revenge/justice before they want peace.

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