Bitzer Danny Eldien

In Robert Kennedy's speech, the exigence would be how the United States would respond to the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. He presented two different ways in how the people could act and then voiced his opinion how how he hopes the citizens would respond. Kennedy wanted to bring America together after such a horrible tragedy.

The audience of the speech was both the people that were at the speech and the people viewing it online. Another main audience I believe would be the group of whites that planned and executed the assassination. Also I believe that the speech was targeted more towards the black population because he did not want them to believe that just because of this, not all whites live in hatred of blacks. A secondary audience could be people that view this speech after in efforts to bring together the white and black communities.

A constraint of the speech could be the beliefs of the black community after the assassination. Another constraint could be the beliefs of Kennedy and the Democratic party. He can not just go out in front of the people and express his own views because he has to act in the favor of his whole political party.
Excellent point about the party as a constraint. Nice. —Hamann

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