Bitzer Luke Fox

First when you are looking Exigence of the speech. When listening to Robert Kennedy speak you can tell that the Exigence of this speech is the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, but there is more than just that. He is speaking about how that even thought he is dead that his ideas should not die with him. Robert is saying there doesn't need to be hatred among the U.S. people just because someone has a different color of skin. This is the big picture that there will always be hard times but we just need to try to live in peace with one another.

When we was talking there were times when you could hear the audience become engaged and supporting what he has to say to them. This is how you can tell that he is speaking about something that people truly care about. These are things that they want to make sure change for the better so things like the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King Jr does not happen ever again.

The main constraint of this speech is the color of people being either white or black. Using that being white or black that you should not mean that we hate one another even with the racism. That we don't need to divide from one another that we should come together because we all want the same thing. We want peace in the United States and not have to worry about what the color of our skin.

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