Bitzer Mitch Vollhaber

I think that the exigence of his speech was not only to make the announcement of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. but to also address the need for peace as a nation. He speaks of how most white people and African Americans want to live side by side and the nation as a whole cannot let the small minority of racists change the direction that the country is moving in.

The intended audience of his speech is the American people. He breaks it down further than that too. He specifically addresses the African Americans that make up the country to show compassion for their loss and to also try to urge them to replace feelings of hatred and bitterness with compassion and love.

One constraint may be the American people who do not own a TV or a radio. They would have not heard the speech so they would not be able to modify the exigence. Another constraint may be the fact that the assassination was carried out by a white person. This fact may make it hard for African Americans in the audience to accept the requests for compassion and love from Robert Kennedy.

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