Bitzer Rachel Modrow
  • Problem or “exigence” (purpose for communication —an "imperfection marked by urgency." In other words, why did he speak? Go beyond the obvious — it was more than just an announcement of Martin Luther King Jr.'s death)

He went to speak about the death of Martin Luther King Jr and while giving his speech he discussed violence in the country and area. He wanted people to start being less violent and mean and start respecting each other, loving each other and get along. He addressed the country by standing in front of a crowd with a microphone to get his point across. It is sad hearing about Martin Luther King Jr's death but we can take something out of it and its that no matter what color your skin is and what race you are everyone should still respect and get along with each other.

  • Audience (those who are the (intended or unintended) recipients of the rhetorical message. The audience should be able to respond to the exigence. In other words, the audience should be able to help address the problem.)

The audience that Robert Kennedy is talking to is the United States. He wants everyone to understand what happened and what can be changed so it wont happen again. By letting the country know what happened hopefully some people will change what they do day to day to make the country a better place for everyone.

  • Constraints (The constraints of the rhetorical situation are those things that have the power to “constrain decision and action needed to modify the exigence”)

People have their own beliefs in the world that they think are right and wrong so to change those it is hard for everyone to understand what they can do differently to make the place better. By giving the speech Robert Kennedy is able to add things to try to get people to undertand more of what is happening and he is able to remove information and not let everyone know everything that happened.

Ethos- Robert Kennedy, him making the speech and speaking out about it. Related it to himself and how someone in his family was assassinated.
Pathos- Audiences reactions to what he said, how he worded it to appeal to both races and not lean towards one opinion. Related it to himself and how someone in his family was assassinated.
Logos- facts that he said.

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