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After watching Robert Kennedy's Speech Announcing the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. I was able to analyze the text into further detail. This is my own perception from the video:

Exigence (problem):
So what was Robert Kennedy's purpose of communication? At first it was to inform the audience that Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot and had passed. It then unraveled to something much greater then that. It was to encourage both races to walk amongst one another. To live by what Martin was preaching. He addressed they can be bitter and mad but to keep in mind the "vast majority" wanted what Martin did and that he also had a family member taken away from him by a "white" person.

For the audience he addresses everyone. The direct audience would be those who were there during the speech. His opening statement is addressing the "fellow citizens" and those "who love peace all over the world."
He then addresses the whites, and the blacks. He urges the blacks to not be bitter and the whites to live in peace amongst the blacks.
Yet there is another audience. Us, and those who watch it after us. We are the audience that was unexpected. But are able to become the audience due to technology.

Kennedy had to urge that instead of going against one another to fight over the death of Martin would not be the solution. He wanted peace and to get that he had to understand, yet not take a side when speaking to the audience. He had to preach what Martin made his career of - which was justice. He spoke for what was best for the country.

To watch for yourself here is the direct link Robert Kennedy announcing the death of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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