Bitzer Sean Streier

Exigence:The exigence of the speech by Robert Kennedy is that Martin Luther King JR was shot and killed. What made this a problem is that it was done by a white male. He knew that this can cause many problems in the African American Community and tried his best to handle the situation. He also tried giving them some comforting words that would possibly make them not have as much hatred towards the white community.

Audience:The audience of his speech was the people of the united states. Particularly the African American community, in which he felt would take the hardest impact. Though they may have been the attended audience, the white community could have been viewed as an audience as well. Both communities had the means to respond to this argument that we as people can respond to this positively and continue his legacy.

Constraints: Something Robert Kennedy brought up that could definitely could restrain the audience is justice. The fact that some people in the African American community may feel justice is not served could restrain them from not having and hatred towards the white community. It could also restrain them from understanding that not all people in the white community have any bad feelings towards the African American community.

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