Causal Argument Proposal Ryan Newhouse

Ryan Newhouse
Professor Hamann

One of the biggest problems in America today is childhood obesity and obesity as a whole. Obesity is an issue and can be very serious because it leads to many diseases including diabetes. Obesity is a growing problem and many people believe it is because of restaurants and unhealthy foods. Many people think there are many other things that contribute to the problem but we are going to look at the biggest causes of the problem as well as what can be done to address the obesity issue and prevent diseases like cancer and diabetes.

Obesity is defined as having excess body weight from a certain height, bone, muscle, fat, and water. People may think that fast foods is what makes all Americans obese but the truth is it does not and it only contributes to a certain amount of the population. Many Americans and people themselves can gain weight by drinking alcohol, some is because of hormones which can cause people to be overweight, people may eat when they are stressed and overeating can cause you to gain weight, during pregnancy you can gain weight, after you quit smoking, as well as not getting enough sleep (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute). Many other things that cause Obesity include having an Inactive life style, the environment we live in may effect it, The family genes, as well as emotional factors and health conditions (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute). I am not saying that fast foods are not a major problem because it is but only that there are other causes to the issue. If you look at Alcohol many people drink alcohol to have a good time with their friends. Almost 45 percent of the population drinks alcohol and about seven percent are frequent drinkers. Seven percent is a large amount of the population because frequent drinkers can gain weight do to alcohol in a shorter amount of time.

Almost every American encounters stressful situations or is feeling stress almost every day. Stress can cause people to be depressed and sometimes leads to death. People have many ways of dealing with stress but one way that people deal with stress is eating even if they are not hungry. Which it works for allot of people but it is not healthy and can cause obesity as well if you don’t watch how much you eat. Some people may have different metabolisms as well and for some people it may seem that they can eat almost anything and not gain a pound but for some it may be the exact opposite and even just a single meal can cause a noticeable change in the body. Stress can be handled in many different ways and for some ways it is getting out of the house, taking a break from their everyday lives, getting out and doing hobbies, hanging with friends, or maybe just being alone but many of these ways are better options than to just eating.

Many Americans can gain weight from not sleeping. Many people may not get enough sleep if they are working to much, working on school homework, or even just have to much to do in so little time. If you don't sleep or not get enough sleep it may affect your hormones which can cause people to gain weight (WebMD). For some people it causes them to have an increase in appetite and will also cause you to gain weight (WebMD). Trying to stay up to do work is only going to slow you down later if you don't have enough sleep. So that is something you would want to prevent by making sure you get the sleep needed so that your body doesn't have these effects.

Many Americans get caught up in the luxuries of the American life style which include TV, fast foods, video games, and technology itself. Many people don't get out enough so that they can stay in physical shape. If you don't stay in physical shape you will gain weight which will cause you to not want to be as active. Many ways people could stay in shape is by going for a bike ride, working out for an hour a day, taking a run, or even just a walking. If you don't stay active you will most likely gain more weight. It effects you by the more calories you take in and the less calories burned means you will gain weight. Even if it is only 30 minutes a day it will help you stay in shape.

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