Ch 2 Notes Rachel Modrow

Writing with Sources Chapter 2 Notes

  • There are many different ways to bring a source in
  • Summary is when you reduce the source text to its main point and aspects using your own words. Sometimes including quoted words from source.
  • Paraphrasing uses in text citation, like summarizing but making it shorter and to the point.
  • Gist is when you only give the main claim.
  • Mention refer to the source in passing as part of general characterization.
  • Citation Only relegate the name of the source to the parenthetical citation.
  • Exact Reproduction repeat everything exactly as it is written.
  • Three Basic Principles
  • One Use sources as concisely as possible, so your own thinking isnt crowded out by sources
  • Two Never leave reader in doubt as to when you are speaking and when you are using a source.
  • Three Always make clear how each source you introduce into your paper relates to your argument.
  • Rules For Quoting
  • quote only what you need of what is really striking.
  • quote verbatim.
  • construct your own sentence so the quotation fits smoothly.
  • announce quotation in words preceding it.
  • choose announcing word carefully.
  • dont automaticlly put a comma before a quotation.
  • put period after citation.
  • indicate when youre quoting something.
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