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Where Can We Find a Compelling Thesis

How to know what question to ask.

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The three C's
Challenging- Scholars don't ask questions they already know the answers to. They pursue questions that require some kind of proof, scientific data, or investigation. These questions push scholars and their readers intellectually because they inspire careful, critical, and creative thinking.

Compelling- Good questions have significant consequences or implications for real people or real situations, even if the effects are mostly theoretical. The issues are important to the intended audience, and scholars are invested in finding reliable answers.

Controversial- Greta questions don't need to be scandalous, but they usually inspire some degree of disagreement among readers concerning the best solution to a problem or answer to a question. Selecting a question that has a spark of tension can lead to a more provocative argument.

Writing an evolving thesis

1. Show readers your evolving thoughts.
2. Build a complicated argument.
3. Develop a controversial argument.
4. Keep the reader interested or surprised.

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