Notes Claire


  • Many people claim that today's generation doesn't read or write enough, but in actuality we do it more than previous generations. We are constantly talking, texting, surfing the web such as Facebook or twitter. The only difference is that we do it a little differently than past generations
  • Learning to write and think like a scholar can help you in your future job prospects by giving you the necessary resources to stay well informed and to be able to think critically and effectively
  • The four key things you need in order to develop your writing ability
    • knowledge
    • practice
    • feedback
    • motivation!
  • The Writing Process involves:
    • discovery
    • drafting
    • revision
    • editing
  • Argument is a tool to help us explain how we feel about something and why we feel that way
  • The goals of scholarly arguments aren't simply to 'win' a conversation but to seek the truth and justify discoveries
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