Chapter 10

What About Style

  • Scholarly Style
    • Effective scholars try to write compelling prose that cannot be misunderstood.
  • Higher Order and Later Order Concerns
    • Perfectionism can cause writer's block.
    • Polishing can waste time and energy.
    • Editing while drafting is less effective.

Errors add confusion
Errors diminish credibility

  • Punctuation
    • Period- used to show full separation between ideas.
    • Dash- used to set apart-especially to emphasize or to elaborate-one portion of a sentence.
    • Colon- used in two main ways, to introduce a list, or to combine two independent sentences where the first part introduces the second part.
    • Semicolon- used to cnnect closely related ideas that could be separated into two sentences but demonstrate a stronger connection when a semicolon is used.
  • Passive voice- reverses the sentence order, placing the object before the verb and the subject.

Many readers prefer active voice because it's usually clearer and easier to read

  • Figures of speech
    • Reference failure
    • Inappropriate style
    • Misinterpretation
    • Clich├ęs
    • False comparison

Online writing is always public
Audiences move quickly
The Web is big and noisy

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