Chapter 10 Hamnes

Chapter 10: What about Style

  • Effective scholars try to write compelling prose that cannot possibly be misunderstood.

Higher Order and Later Order Order Concerns

1. Perfectionism can cause writer's block.

2. Polishing can waste time and energy

3. Editing while drafting is less effective


1. A period is used to show full separation between ideas.

2. A dash is used to set apart-especially to emphasize or to elaborate-one portion of a sentence.

3. A colon is used in two main ways: (1) to introduce a list (like we're doing right now); and (2) to combine two independent sentences, where the first part of the sentence introduces the ideas of the second part.

4. A semicolon is used to connect closely related ideas that could be separated into two sentences but demonstrate a stronger connection when joined by a semicolon

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