What About Style Lb

What about style?

  • Writing is a series of strategic choices
  • Write compelling prose that cannot possibly be misunderstood

Reasons not to worry about polishing your prose until the ideas are carved out

  1. Perfectionism can cause writer's block
  2. Polishing can waste time and energy
  3. Editing while drafting is less effective


  • errors add confusion
  • errors diminish


  • Passive voice reverses the sentence order, placing the object before the verb and the subject
  • many readers prefer active voice because it's usually clearer and easier to read

Creative choices

Figures of speech can incur some risks, such as

  1. Reference failure
  2. Inappropriate style
  3. Misinterpretation
  4. Cliches

Writing online

  • online is always public
  • audiences move quickly
  • the Web is big an noisy

Proofreading and editing

  • invite a trusted friend, classmate, or writing center tutor to reader your work aloud
  • technology can help with editing, too
  • think carefully before you take your word processor's advice
  • be very careful with your work processor's thesaurus
  • use the "find" function
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