What About Style Megan L

Writing Styles

  • Scholarly Style

Higher Order and Later Order Concerns

  • Perfection can cause writers block
  • Polishing wastes time and energy
  • Editing while drafting is less effective


  • Errors
  • Grammer vs. Usage


  • Passive voice
  • Active voice

Clarity and Vividness

  • Use strong verbs
  • Remember that less can be more
  • Vivid and precise language

Creative Choices We Make to Improve Style

  • Imitation
  • Figures of speech

Visual Design

  • Writing font you use

Writing in Digital Spaces

  • How writing is different online

1. It is always public
2. Audiences move quickly
3. Web is big and noisy
4. Writing emails

Proofreading and Editing

  • Read your writing aloud
  • Reviewing with others
  • Using technology
  • Technology can help with editing too
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