Chapter 2 Alex

Arguments explain what we think and why we think so. Arguments can be defined by their function or by their form. Arguments originate from a catalyst. Scholars use arguments to explain and improve the world. Government and Military intelligence experts use arguments to inform politicians. Scholars use arguments to explain and improve the world. Lawyers use arguments to establish guilt or innocence. All arguments begin with a question or uncertainty and use investigation to arrive at a conclusion. Arguments don't appeal to everyone, certain ones appeal to certain people. Arguments can influence what we know, think and believe. The thesis is a roadway, you have to provide support and linkages to have support and to tie everything together like a suspension bridge. The thesis is a claim or a debatable idea that we are proposing to our audience. Evidence is everything we observe, verifications are things we look up, illustrations are things we imagine. Evidence is a primary source, verification is a secondary source, and illustrations are original ideas. Effective arguments always build on some basis or acceptance or agreement. Increased controversy requires increased explanation.

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