How Do We Argue Lb

How do we argue?

Simple way to explain what an argument is

  • What we think
  • Why we think that

Where do we find arguments?

  • Scholars- Use arguments to explain and improve our world.
  • Government and military- Use arguments to inform politicians.
  • Criminal trial lawyers Use arguments to establish guilt or innocence.
  • Scientists- Discover evidence through research, which others use to build compelling cases for new laws or regulations.

Inquiry-Based argument

  • Scholars typically don't know their thesis when they begin writing, but rather discover it through investigation and research. Their process is guided by inquiry- an attempt to gather information and create understanding.

** Claims

  • Need evidence which includes anything that we can observe. (primary source)
  • Need verification that includes things we can look up. (secondary source)
  • and finally claims need illustrations that involve things that we can imagine. (Original source)
  • Everyday arguments- These start with a claim, and then are supported by reasons. Effective arguments always build on some basis of acceptance or agreement.


  • Assumptions make up the bulk of the argument.

So what?

  • Arguments use evidence, verification and illustrations to support claims.
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