How Do We Argue Megan L

How Do We Argue
Arguments four main elements:
1. A claim
2. Support
3. Linkages
4. And some explanation of why the argument matters.

Where Do We Find Arguments

  • originate form a catalyst; gap or imperfection
  • Scholars
  • Government and military intelligence experts
  • criminal trial lawyers
  • Scientist
  • The best arguments are the ones that have important implications

How Do We Build Arguments?

  • Claim
  • Support
  • Evidence- Primary Source
  • Verification- Secondary Source
  • Illustration- Original Source
  • Linking support to claims

An Everyday Argument

  • Claims stacked on top of other claims
  • Arguing the obvious
  • Arguing without support
  • Supporting with arguing

To avoid arguing the obvious

  • Read more
  • Ask an expert

To avoid arguing without support

  • Highlight your arguments
  • Consult a reader

To avoid supporting without arguing

  • Us topic sentences
  • Search for standard support
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