How Do We Read Arguments Megan L

Why Read

  • Reading has to do with writing.
  • Reading makes you a better writer.
  • Kids today are used to skimming.
  • Reading requires concentration, engagement, and a quite mind.
  • Practicing reading can train your brain.

Reading Strategies

  • Have a clear, specific purpose in mind every time you read.
  • Ask yourself why you are reading this and what you will get out of it.
  • You shouldn't read everything the same way.
  • Reading techniques.
  • Repetition.
  • 1.Previewing
  • 2.Reading-take notes while reading
  • 3.Reviewing-stop and recall what you just read

Reading Rhetorically: Reading to Discover How It Says

  • Need to see the text.
  • Break down the text to see how it works.
  • Author, Genre, and Context.

Identifying the Controversy

  • Finding, detailing, and categorizing the main controversies or points.

A Guide Reading of a Scholarly Argument

  • Identify the catalyst.
  • What is the research question?
  • Identify the central claim and the support.
  • Identify the linkage and the implications.

How Do We Read Multimedia Arguments

  • Advertisements, social media, television, and websites.
  • Encountered on a daily basis.
  • Questions asked.

Responding to Arguments

  • Think of your source as a catalyst.
  • Play the believing and doubting game.
  • Mind and mine gaps.
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