What S A Good Source Megan L

An Elementary Way of Using Sources

  • Research Report

1. Pick topic
2. Find a source on the topic
3. Notes
4. Organize
5. Introduction

  • Persuasive Paper

1. Pick a controversy
2. Choose thesis
3. Find Sources
4. Write essay
Writing that follows research

  • Begin with a specific problem or question
  • review scholarly publications
  • design and conduct investigation
  • report results

Sifting Through Sources

  • Stability
  • Credibility
  • Reliability

So What's a Better Source

  • depends on the audience and situation
  • don't stop searching

How Do We Find Credible Scholarly Sources?

  • Ask other scholars
  • Explore a research database
  • search online

How Do We Use Sources

  • Summarize
  • Paraphrase
  • Quote

How to Summarize

  • Read the text
  • create outline
  • select most relevant points
  • Write summary
  • Revise the summary

How Do We Paraphrase

  • Read Carefully
  • Think about what it is saying
  • Get the gist
  • Double check the original
  • cite the author

Managing the research process

  • Take good notes
  • Keep records

Using Sources to Generate Ideas

  • Play the believing and doubting game
  • Find a source that you strongly disagree
  • Create a table of compares and contrasts
  • Pair two sources in conversation with each other
  • Look at on source through the lens of another source
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