Whats A Good Source Lb

Chapter 4: Whats a good source?

Starting with sources help us

  • Verify if our work will yield something new
  • Begin collecting information to answer our research questions
  • provide context for our investigation by relating our study to another scholars work
  • Borrow methods of investigation that help for other scholars
  • Identify views, assumptions, or conclusions to build on or diverge from

Research report

  1. Pick a topic
  2. Find some good sources on that topic
  3. Take notes
  4. Organize your notes and information into an outline
  5. Glue together sources with some of your own words
  6. write an introduction that ties all your information together
  7. Restate your introduction as a conclusion

Persuasive paper

  1. Pick a controversy
  2. Choose a thesis based on what you already know and think about your topic
  3. Think of reasons why your thesis must be right
  4. find sources that support your argument
  5. Ignore sources that contradict or complicate your argument
  6. Write the equivalent of a five paragraph essay

Sifting though sources

  • Stability- Check multiple sources to make sure the information is credible
  • Credibility- Make sure you borrow context from reliable sources
  • Reliability- Make sure the sight is quality

Worst to best sources

  1. Wikipedia
  2. Newspapers and magazines
  3. General use encyclopedia
  4. Scholarly reference book
  5. Scholarly book or article
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