Where Can We Find A Compelling Thesis Lb

Where can we find A compelling thesis?

Within every great thesis is a stimulating question

  • Keep reading
  • Apply your perspective
  • Make your own luck
  • Challenge yourself
  • Talk with others
  • Try free writing

Ask the right questions

  • These five categories above are the most important with asking the right question because most arguments you can think about fall under one of these 5 categories.

Investigate the topic controversies, ways to do so.

  • Controversies about the existence or fact, is it true? did it happen?
  • Controversies about definition or interpretation, Does this case fit the definition? how do we interpret information like this.
  • Controversies about cause, consequence, or circumstance, was it intentional? Are there extenuating circumstances?
  • Controversies about evaluation, is it right or wrong? is it serious enough to warrant our attention?
  • Controversies about jurisdiction, procedure, policy, or action to be taken. What, if anything, should we do about it?

Whats a good question?

  • Challenging
  • Compelling
  • Controversial
  • Dig narrow and deep rather than broad and shallow

Alternative competing hypotheses

  • Examples
  1. Smoking improves health
  2. Smoking is unhealthy
  3. Smoking has no significant effect om health.

Can I change my thesis?

  • Their thesis ultimately evolves
  • settling on a thesis before writing closes off opportunities to learn.
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