How Do We Support Arguments Lb

How do we support arguments

Building credibility

  1. Verification
  • borrow from trust worthy sources
  • Need a strong secondary source that agrees with the primary source and verified its information
  1. Reputation
  • how the audience thinks of you or if you are well know, example- a scholar or a celebrity
  1. Presentation
  • Use a style that is suitable for your audience and purpose
  • Dress properly
  • Careful editing shows that you were well prepared

Activating reasoning or logic with evidence

  • Audiences respond to evidence more reliably than they respond to credible and emotional appeals

Quantitative evidence

  • Most of Greenland's ice sheet has melted
  • 97% of Greenland's ice sheet shows evidence of surface thawing

Qualitative evidence

  • This basically means its not the amount of evidence you have its the quality of it, how good it is and how well it relates to your arguments.

How to link evidence and claims

  • Linkages provide the bridge that connects the claim with the evidence
  • Have your writing be centered towards the readers
  • BY having your writing centered towards the readers it will help them open a logical path way so they understand what your talking about.

Research methods

  • Interviews can be useful so you can get information directly from the source
  • Surveys can also be very helpful because you can see what the majority thinks about the argument
  • Observations aren't as useful because it is just what you see and witness, no questions or surveys.

you can also represent research by graphs or charting information

  • Line charts
  • Pie charts
  • Bubble charts

Your claim can only be as strong as your evidence

  • The pyramid structure
  1. Bottom of the pyramid is evidence
  2. Then credibility
  3. last is emotion
  • this should be used when developing a good argument
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