Chapter 7
  • Fallacies in Arguments
    • Reasoning or logic (activated by evidence)
    • Credibility (built with verification, reputation, or presentation), or
    • Emotion (evoked by illustrations)

Fallacies do not build the best possible case

  • Unqualified Claims
    • You can avoid sufficiency fallacies, in your arguments and in your own thinking, by qualifying your claims.

A qualification is a stated restriction that limits a claim's strength

  • Irrelevance
  • Correlation versus Causation
  • Changing the Subject
  • Straw Man Arguments
  • Truth as Support
  • Respond to Objections
    • We can concede
      • When our readers' objections are valid, we typically acknowledge their legitimacy
    • We can refute
      • If we disagree with out readers' objections, we can explain how we've arrived at an alternative position.
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